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HD My beautiful sister loves my dick


My gorgeous sister is every man’s dream. That’s what I’d say. I’d go as far as to slap her ass sometimes and say things like: way to go sis, that ass and tits are a real treat. She’d say something like: yeah, good luck finding a hot girl like me. It was just a joke we had anyway, I never thought of fucking her. She was staying in my apartment for a week because she had 2 upcoming job interviews in the city. We were rarely in the apartment at the same time and one of the nights I reached out for her laptop to order food online just of pure laziness. To my surprise as I was typing the web address in what popped out was mysislovesme website. I got curious and checked her history. Turns out she went there few times a week for couple of months already. I haven’t heard of the site before but it was fool of incest vids of bros and sisters. That little freak, I told myself, laughing. I decided to prank her a bit and see where would that go. Next morning, as we were having breakfast, I reached out to refill my coffee and wearing sweatpants gently rubbed my dick in her shoulder. She said nothing. I did the same thing as we were loading the dishwasher, pressing my dick against her ass. No reaction again. Ok, whatever, I had to go to work anyway. Having a busy day I almost forgot about the site but as I got home I found her asleep in the living room. Her tits were spilling out of the blouse and I stopped for a second to just look how perfect they were. I haven’t had sex in a while.. So I went to my room to jerk off, of course. Watching some porn with my headphones on I didn’t hear her open the door and when I turned my head she was already pulling down her jeans..

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