HD I came all over my little sister in her husband house


“Yeah, I though about it too, but it’s fucking weird, isn’t it?” she said. “We were kids back then, had no idea what we’re doing” she continued. “And we both loved it..” I said. “I still remember how soft your pussy felt when I rubbed my face in it” “Shut up..” she hesitated.. Having nothing to lose I just pulled my hard dick out. “Damn.. it sure got bigger..”. I made a step towards her, she didn’t say a word and closed her eyes. I came closer and hugged her, my hard dick slid under her shirt and rubbed her belly. She put her hand on my chest and gasped “fuck.. so what do you want to do?” “I’m gonna fuck you your brains out”. She turned off the lights and walked toward the bed. Naked she got on her back, looking perfect and so fucking hot. “Come on, but you if tell anyone I’m gonna kill you” she said as I got naked and followed her to the bed. I hesitated for a second not sure if we’re really gonna do it but my cock twitched proving me that there’s no way back now. I slowly put it in carefully watching her face. She is in pleasure, closing her eyes and moaning quietly. Almost all of it is there now, I push a bit to get it all the way to the balls and then she moans out loud and I can feel her pussy grip on my cock..

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