HD Asian son and mom fuck hard in every room


After going trough a tough divorce my sweet son asked me to move into his apartment in the city for a couple of weeks so I’ll have some company. It was a small apartment and my sweet son offered me to sleep on the bed while he slept on the couch. After few days, when I was doing the laundry I noticed that there are cum stains on my used panties. Confused but intrigued I decided to spy on my son that night. I told him I’m going to sleep and turned off the lights but then sneaked out few minutes later and watched him sniffing my panties while jerking his cock. I returned to my room confused but then I realized I keep thinking about his hard dick. It has a big beautiful mushroom head and I see it in my head so clearly. I knew it was wrong but I started rubbing my pussy as it was already wet. I got really excited but didn’t want to get surprised by my son (as there is no door, only a curtain in the bedroom) I sneaked into the bathroom, locked the door and turned on the lights. My son was there standing naked by the laundry basket with my panties in his hand and his cock fully hard. We were standing so close to each other I could smell his sweat and precum. Not really thinking I slowly pulled my wet panties down and started rubbing them on my son’s cock. He was shocked but he clearly enjoyed that although there was a glimpse of fear in his face.

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