HD Sucking my father dick and


My father is so hot! He is strong, tanned, hairy chest, deep voice, very macho. I was always turned on by mature men and my dad would be someone I’d compare all my boyfriends to. Is he as strong and manly as my father? And in all cases the answer would be no, my dad was the best of them all. And I told him that, when we were drinking together in his garden when I visited him during Easter, before he’d go for a business trip to Europe for 7 months. He was shaking his drunk head and laughing but when I got up to get us another beer he slapped my ass so hard I got shivers. Not telling him I decided to get my dad drunk and see where it goes. I came back with whiskey instead. “yaay, tonight we celebrate!” we exclaimed and opened the bottle. It didn’t go as planned because that’s all I remember from that night. I woke up in my dad’s bed with his arm wrapped around me. I tried to remember what happened and to figure out how did we get there. My panties and bra were still on me but… I could feel my dad’s hard cock pressing against my ass. He is still asleep as I hear a quiet snore but his warm, hard cock is rubbing my lower back as he breathes. Curious I slowly turned around and touched his balls, he moaned softly but remained sleeping. I worked up his dick and squeezed it right bellow the head and a little drop of preecum came out. I.. I just had to taste it..

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